This area will be used to post links to sites of interest to Snugglers, Droplifters, fans, and artists in general.

The Droplift Project
What happens when you make a CD and sneak it onto record store shelves without permission? Official site.

The godfathers of found-sound appropriation and audio collage. Those guys who got sued by that band from Ireland. Official site.
Once an honorable online institution. Now a class-based environment of major label mansions, premium artist penthouses, and starving artist tenements. However, it's the best-known mp3 artist community on the internet. They still offer free services to artists, but be prepared to take a backseat to those willing to cough up $20 per month. Notorious for rejecting tracks containing samples and found sound, but some tracks still manage to slip through the cracks.

An up-and-coming music hosting service with future potential. $25 annual fee, no free services. Uploads are immediately available for listener downloads, no waiting period for approval. $.06 paid for every song downloaded from your page. Impressive-sounding artist CD program due soon, although two projected rollout dates for this service have come and gone. Owners of this service are very proactive, and communicate on a regular basis with artists.

A free music hosting service that allows high bitrate MP3 uploads. They also have a CD program. The site seems to be suffering from neglect, though. The front page of the site has not been updated for months and some of the message boards haven't had new posts for more than a year. Don't expect a lot of traffic if you host here, unless you plan on doing a LOT of your own advertising.

The granddaddy of online music sites is back! Now owned by European music site Vitiminic. Host your band's tracks here absolutely free of charge. Good layout, easy to set-up, and a variety of page templates to choose from. Not as much eye-candy as before, though. Good to see them making a comeback.

Homemade Music
Offers on-demand manufacturing of CDRs. Aimed at home-based musicians. Don't know a lot about them yet.

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